Meeting My First Neighbor

City pick-up services (trash and recycling) are performed in my neighborhood every Monday.  You roll your two containers out to the street on Sunday night and the first one is emptied bright and early in the morning.  The other container is emptied sometime in the afternoon.

I had an appointment on that first Monday afternoon and when I returned home, both my recycling container and my trash container had been rolled up my driveway and were sitting neatly in front of my garage door.  I really didn’t know what to think!  Before I could even ponder this good deed, there appreared a lovely lady who said, “I brought your containers up to your garage door for you.  I do it for several of my neighboors every Monday and I’m going to do it for you, too.  My name is Ruthie.  What’s yours?”

Excuse me, Friends, I have to take a little break here…..I have to go get a tissue to dab my eyes…..  Thank you, Lord, for directing me to this neighborhood.  For directing me to the neighborhood where Ruthie lives.

Blessings to you and yours,


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