House Hunting and Beyond

Late last spring, while I was living with Aaron, Alicia and John, Aaron and Alicia started talking about selling their house and building another one in a different area.  Even though they have a super house, they wanted an additional bedroom, bigger garage with space for a work shop, bigger yard, some nice up-grades.

When you build a house, it’s best to have your former house sold so that you aren’t looking at making two house payments per month, with the additional dread of not having your house sell for an indefinate period of time after you’ve moved in to your new house.

So, there was discussion among us as to where the four of us would live for the time period after their house sold and moving into the new house.  A few ideas were bandied about, but I sensed that there was not going to be an ideal solution or even a slightly less than ideal solution.   And this solution would last for three, possibly four months or more.

Buying a house had always been my plan.  I just hadn’t done anything about it up until this point because things were going well at Aaron and Alicia’s.  Living with my son, Aaron, and daughter-in-law, Alicia and another son, John, was a pleasure.

Aaron and Alicia contacted a Realtor (Tina) and put their house on the market.  They spent numerous weekends looking at model homes in new additions and we had some fun discussions on what they wanted in their new home.

I wondered what I would do if their house sold lickity-split and we had to figure out living arrangements.  That’s when I called Tina myself.

“Hello, Tina.  This is Cookie,  Aaron’s mother!  I’m interested in buying a house too!  When can we start looking?”  At that point, I told Tina what I was looking for in a house (great kitchen, three bedrooms, two baths and good curb appeal) and how much I wanted to spend.  We got started right away.

The internet is a wonderful tool in house-hunting.  Tina was able to send me links to houses that matched my criteria and I could take a virtual tour on the web.  Some I said no to right away and some I told Tina that I wanted to look at in-person.  There was even another web site where I could access all of the homes for sale within a certain radius of a certain point and in my price range.  I took many virtual tours on this site too.

Tina and I rendezvoused at quite a few houses.  I found that I knew within a minute or two of entering a house whether it was a “no” or a “yes.” There were no “maybes.”  There ended up being 13 no votes and 2 yes votes.  The first yes vote was a wonderful house – granite countertops in the kitchen.  I made an offer and we found out the house had already been sold and mistakenly not reported to the listing service.  Ugh – that hurt.   That offer was made on a Friday afternoon and then on Saturday, Tina and I looked at another house that got my “yes” vote.

Of course, I planned on Aaron, Alicia and John seeing a house before I made an offer on it.  That just made sense – four heads are better than one, right?  Aaron and Alicia were out of town that weekend and John was working that Saturday……so, I had to make a decision.  The house had been a foreclosure and had been on the market for a couple of months and was sold, pending the buyers getting financing (they were given three months to get their financing).

The buyer was unable to get financing and the house had gone on the market again two days before I looked at it.  It was a great house.  I didn’t want it to get away and I knew I was making the right decision when I said, “Tina, this is the one!”  I went to Tina’s office later that afternoon and made the official offer.

Aaron and Alicia came home from their weekend out-of-town and after telling John and me all about the fun they had over the weekend, they asked me what I had done that weekend.

“Well, I bought a house!”

“Of course, I wanted you guys to see it first, but I felt that I had to make an offer on this house immediately.  I think, when you see the house, you’ll say, “Mom, you did the right thing.”

Within a few days, Tina met me at the house again.  This time I had Aaron, Alicia and John with me.  The purpose of this trip was to show the house to my family.  I was so excited!

And guess what?  When they saw this house that I had made an offer on, they said, “Mom, you did the right thing!”

Blessings to you and yours,


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